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Beer is one of the oldest beverages on our planet dating back to at least 5000 BC and during the Industrial Revolution, beer moved from artisan manufacturing to industrial. The evolutionary development of tools allowed for more control in the brewing process. Today, beer making is a global business with several dominant multinational companies and thousands of smaller producers ranging from brewpubs to local breweries.

Here at Dietrichs Tavern we take enormous pride in our extensive selection of Local Domestic and Imported Craft Beer and Ciders in town. Come check out the largest selection of craft beers in Glen Burnie area and chat with our Beer Specialist, who can answer any of your questions. The best part is you get all this, and get the lowest prices too!

Whether you’re a complex beer aficionado or a simple lager drinker, Dietrichs Tavern has you covered. We carry a wide variety of lagers, pale ales, IPAs, Belgian beers, pilsners, stouts, microbrews and craft beers. We keep abreast of ‘beer chatter’ and do our best to offer our customers some of the latest up-and-coming favorites in the beer world.

Our 2,000 square foot beer cooler allows us to always have an ample supply of cold kegs and cases, and our high turnover and careful product rotation assures that we have the freshest beer in town!

We encourage you to stop by soon and browse our ever changing selection of seasonal brews and old favorites. Like us on Facebook to see when the newest beers and ciders are available!

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